Adventure Time…

IMG_7843“C’mon grab your friends, we’ll go to very distant lands.  With Jake the Dog and Finn the Hu-man, the fun will never end!  It’s adventure time!”

My kids are totally obsessed with this crazy, whacked out, bizarre, but totally awesome television show… and I have to admit… I’m also kind of obsessed with it too!  It’s so funny I love it.  It’s jam packed with tons of humor for kids and adults, amazing characters and lot of adventures.

As a laugh, one day I decided to try and crochet my son a Finn inspired hat.  I have to say, it turned out pretty great!  I actually had several students at my child’s school ask me where he got the hat and I’ve even had a few order requests.  Now my eldest son says he wants to be Finn for hallowe’en next year and my youngest wants to be Jake the Dog.  I think I should get to work on creating a Jake the Dog hat for my baby!

This hat is actually very quick and easy to make.  A skilled crocheter could whip this up in a about an hour, but it’s great for beginners too because it uses several different techniques in a simple manner.  The hat is worked in joining rounds and then switches to a back and forth pattern and then switches back to joining rounds with a colour change at the bottom.  The ears are worked up in continuous rounds and then in front loops only for the last round.  Special stitches include dc2tog, changing yarn colour and front loop single crochet.  I use a thick worsted weight yarn, a large K/10.5 – 6.50mm hook, a double crochet and a single crochet stitch for this pattern.  It’s simple but cute!

This pattern is for a child approx 4-12 years old.  Due to the large stitches, this hat will stretch and fit a head approx 18″ – 21″.

Please note that his pattern has been tested, however if you should come across any mistakes, please do not hesitate to comment or send me a message, after all…we’re only hu-man!

As Jake the Dog would say “Dude, suckin’ at something is the first step to being sorta good at something!”

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