The Rules

This is all about the patters, photos, and other materials I post on this website.  Although everything on my site is free, they are still copyright protected.  Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question about any pattern.  All patterns, photos, and other materials found on this website are copyright protected, the rules are as follows.

No pattern, photo or other material may be reproduced — mechanically, electronically, or by any other means, including photocopying — without written permission of Nyela d’Endel. This applies for all content on Nyela’s Nook, all free patterns, all photos, and any other content posted by me, Nyela d’Endel.

You are NOT permitted to copy a pattern (or part of a pattern) and publish it on another website or other publication.  You are Not permitted to change a pattern and publish it on another website or other publication as your own.
Instead, please publish a link to the pattern or to my website.  Please give credit where credit is due.

I kindly ask that you don’t email a friend a copy of the pattern you downloaded.
Instead, please send them the link to the pattern, so they can get their own copy.

I kindly ask that you don’t photocopy a pattern and redistribute it in any form.
Instead, please tell others of my website so they may get their own copy.

You MAY sell your finished crocheted items, but not the pattern. Please also give credit to where you found the pattern (although this is not required, it is much appreciated).

If you are not sure whether you will be infringing upon copyrights, then feel free to send me an email ( to ask. I’ll be happy to answer any and all of your questions.

ALSO, these copyright rules are to be applied to other crochet patterns you find online or on my website from other designers, with the exception of selling crocheted items.  Although it is allowed for you to sell items crafted by yourself from my or other designer’s patterns, I highly recommend you be polite and respectful and ask permission of the other designers.

Nyela d’Endel xoxo



2 thoughts on “The Rules

    • For your own use, for sure! I just ask that if you wish to share the pattern to redirect anyone interested to my website (which has been a wee bit abandoned lately since I went back to work!)

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