Brick Stitch Scarf

IMG_7790I was recently asked to make 7 hats with matching scarfs for a client who lives in Australia since they are entering their winter as we welcome spring.  Out of those 7 hat/scarf combos, 2 hats/scarfs were for girls and the rest were for boys.

I wanted to make this little girls hat/scarf combo pretty and came across this unisex Brick Stitch Hat pattern by BobWilson123, and I thought would look wonderful in cream and different hues of purple.  This hat is for a 12 year old girl and I wanted to make her something a little more grown up than the usual whimsical hats I make for children; grown up but girlie and pretty.  When it came to making a matching scarf, I used the brick stitch pattern in the same colours and worked in rows instead of rounds (the hat was worked in rounds) and the pattern turned out pretty nice.

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The Pokémon Inspiration Part 4? 5? 10?!

IMG_7615My kids are ALWAYS asking me to make some new Pokemon inspired item for them.  Mummy, please make me a Pikachu hat or a Charmander doll.  I need more Pokeballs in different colours.  My friends want pokeballs too!!  So when my eldest lost his scarf/cowl at school I decided to whip this up for him.
Note: This pattern has not been tested by anyone other than me as of yet.  If you find any issues, please feel free to contact me and I will correct them.  

Optional idea Sew a piece of polar fleece half an inch thinner than the measured height of your cowl to line the inside to make it warmer and to help keep out the wind!


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The Little Reindeer Hat

IMG_7274-2With Christmas upon us, I wanted to make something for my boys to wear that was a little festive.  The other day, I was watching them play so nicely with each other, they were pretending to be Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman… and that gave me an idea!!  I decided to make them a reindeer hat (and a snowman hat too.  The snowman hat pattern will be posted soon) complete with red nose!  This is an easy double crochet hat that will fit a child between the age of 4-12.

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