Cute Baby Cardigan

IMG_7363A friend of mine is having a baby girl and I wanted to make her something cute and dainty; it’s a girl after all!!!  I live in a house surrounded by boys, most of my clients request items for boys, and there are only little boys in my extended family, soooo…. when I heard my girlfriend was having a girl, I seized the opportunity to buy pink!!!!  Woo, pink!!  I looked around for a while for a super cute and dainty hat and I came across this lovely hat by Oombawaka Designs and it was appropriately named My Dainty Princess Hat.  I fell in love with the special stitch used to create the pattern.  I also thought giving just a bunch of hats was nice, but a matching hat and cardigan would be better.  So I took the special stitch used to create My Dainty Princess Hat and turned it into a cardigan.  This pattern has not yet been tested. If you find any errors please leave me a comment to let me know.  This pattern makes a cardigan to fit a baby 0-3 months old.

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The Pokémon Inspiration Part 3 ‘Deck’ Cases

IMG_6833IMG_6529-1I was taking part in an online “Crochet Challenge” and had to crochet something using UK terms, but I was having a very hard time finding patterns written in UK terms.  I scoured the internet for what seemed like ages to find a nice pattern that was written in UK terms, however it seems that the few projects I did come across were not in my taste.  So I decided to take it upon myself to do something a little different.  I’m going to “translate” a US term pattern in UK terms.

For my boys birthday we threw a Pokémon inspired theme party.  For the favours, we had decided I was going to make little (what my kids call) “pokéballs” and a little bag (like My Cute Little Bags) in the pokémon original colours of red, black and white and we are going to put some Pokémon cards in them and call them “deck sacks”.  The “deck sacks” pattern is what I’m going to translate….So here it is….

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My Cute Little Bags

easter bag 5-2I decided to make these cute little bags in April so that they can be used to put little Easter goodies into.  Depending on colours used, these can be a great little bag for any occasion.  Red and green for Christmas, oranges and browns for Thanksgiving or pastels for Easter.  Make them in your child’s favourite colour and put little goodies in them and hand them out as loot bags, or give them to little girls and little boys to put their little toys inside!

This is the first pattern I have written and I hope it makes sense to you.  It makes sense to me, but then again, I know what I’m trying to say!!!

If there are any problems or corrections needed, please feel free to leave a message and I will fix it up.

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