His Chunky Hat

IMG_7602The hubby was wanting a new hat, so I came up with this using Wool-Ease Thick & Quick yarn.  It worked up so fast, I had this hat done in under an hour!!  The yarn is so soft and chunky, my kids want me to make something for them with it.  This hat pattern is written for a male adult and will fit a head up 23″.  If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me or comment below.

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Cute Baby Cardigan

IMG_7363A friend of mine is having a baby girl and I wanted to make her something cute and dainty; it’s a girl after all!!!  I live in a house surrounded by boys, most of my clients request items for boys, and there are only little boys in my extended family, soooo…. when I heard my girlfriend was having a girl, I seized the opportunity to buy pink!!!!  Woo, pink!!  I looked around for a while for a super cute and dainty hat and I came across this lovely hat by Oombawaka Designs and it was appropriately named My Dainty Princess Hat.  I fell in love with the special stitch used to create the pattern.  I also thought giving just a bunch of hats was nice, but a matching hat and cardigan would be better.  So I took the special stitch used to create My Dainty Princess Hat and turned it into a cardigan.  This pattern has not yet been tested. If you find any errors please leave me a comment to let me know.  This pattern makes a cardigan to fit a baby 0-3 months old.

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The Little Reindeer Hat

IMG_7274-2With Christmas upon us, I wanted to make something for my boys to wear that was a little festive.  The other day, I was watching them play so nicely with each other, they were pretending to be Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman… and that gave me an idea!!  I decided to make them a reindeer hat (and a snowman hat too.  The snowman hat pattern will be posted soon) complete with red nose!  This is an easy double crochet hat that will fit a child between the age of 4-12.

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Small Flower Hair Pins

I had a wedding to go to and I have this amazing pair of green shoes with silver heels.  They are so pretty, I just had to wear them.  I was wearing a black dress and felt that I needed to incorporate more green into my look so I decided to make some wee green flowers to put in my hair.  This pattern is super quick and easy.  I crocheted 4 of them in about 5 minutes.  I did end up dying them the night before the wedding because I didn’t have any thread or yarn the same shade of green as my shoes.  So I whipped them up with white thread and painted them.
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How to Crochet 2 Together (…2tog)

IMG_7179When I was learning how to crochet I had a hard time reading patterns.  I had to write out the full words and rewrite, in details any and all special stitches required, so here is a quick tutorial on how to crochet 2 together.  In patterns you will see …2tog.  It could be sc2tog, hdc2tog, dc2tog or even tr2tog, this tutorial will tell you how to crochet them.  The same rules apply to these 4 types of crochet stitches: sc, hdc, dc and tr.

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Itty Bitty Little Kitty!

IMG_7146I have a girlfriend who loves kitties.  She is going to be a first time grandmother come December and I wanted to make something for her.  My aunt gave me this crazy yarn to play around with.  I started to make a scarf with it, but I didn’t like how it was turning out.  Then I tried to make a hat with it, again, I didn’t like how it was turning out.  Then I thought … ‘hmmm… This yarn would be great for an amigurumi project.  Maybe a bear, or a puppy?…I know, a kitty!!!’  I came up with this pattern one night while fooling around with the yarn.  I’ll be honest, it is creepy yarn to work with!  But it’s soft and adds great texture to the kitty.

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How to Easily Change the Colour of Yarn When Crocheting With Multiple Yarns

IMG_6182For me, the greatest tip I learned, and it’s one that I use every time I crochet, when working with different colours, is how to switch between colours without having to tie little knots; it was revolutionary!  I couldn’t believe it, no more trying to hide those pesky little knots within my projects.  No more weaving in tails through out my projects.  No more hoping I tied my knots tight enough so that it doesn’t pull out and look loose and/or untidy.

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